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valentines flowers ideas 2012 – Astronaut to ride 2012 Rose Parade float with ‘Garden Boy’ brother

Nearly four years after the launch and Rex Walheim helped launch a space increased in the annual tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California, the astronaut and his brothers came to a horticulturist in 2012 Rose parade floats.

On January 2, Walheim be mounted on a floating floral style to tell his story of growing up working in the garden, near San Francisco and the family “dreams of what could be.” Sponsored by Bayer Advanced lawn and garden consumer society where he worked as an expert Lance attention, “Garden of Imagination” float parade theme was inspired by the employee for the year 2012, “Imagine.”

valentines flowers ideas 2012

“As a kid, I watch the planes fly over my house in San Carlos, California, and” Just Imagine “cover what is involved in aviation,” Rex, a NASA astronaut who flew three time, particularly in the context of the crew’s final space shuttle said in an interview. “I read books about space and imagined what he would like to address in the space.”

“What started the process about 30 years later, I found the flight on the same house in San Carlos to travel 200 miles in space 25 times the speed of sound,” said Rex.
Rex launches imagined that his older brother, working with flowers and plants. Now is a horticulturist and author or coauthor of over 30 books including the bestseller, “Roses for Dummies.”It offers gardening advice to millions of people every year.

The original idea of the coach left the discussion of his brother Lance and childhood experiences.

From a single rose to 20,000

Garden of Imagination float uses more than 20,000 roses – including winning the start of a yellow rose called “Sunshine Daydream” – to form a garden suitable for the following 30 m of a rocket launch.
“Thousands of flowers in the garden Bayer Advanced float are symbolic imagination of ideas that grow in your imagination, ideas for Rex and I grew up,” said Lance.

“Imagination is at the heart of our creativity. This allows us to think beyond what we are used in everyday life and gives us faith and enthusiasm for the future, “he said in an interview with collectSPACE.

It was imagination that first led the brothers to work for the Rose Parade in February 2008. Making his second of three space flights, Rex brought with him two shades of pink – appropriately titled “Tour of Roses” – Lance 5.3 million miles of travel chosen.
Therefore, in an event so focused on the flowers, which I think will attract the attention of the brothers – one an astronaut or a parade held horticulturist?

“Easy Rex,” said Lance.

“Very few people to walk in space, time, much less three, I think everyone knows and respects the kind of courage and commitment he has. They want to know how ..”

“You just get dirty and everyone knows what it is,” said Lance.

But his brother does not agree astronaut.

“We have to play second fiddle to my older brother Lance. It’s like all useful knowledge, “said Rex.” Actually, I have to call the opportunity to ask how to cure the plague most recently in my backyard. Nobody calls me and asks me to help establish your personal space station that utility database My knowledge is limited. ”

“But if I could get my brother” Garden Boy “to the International Space Station, I bet you could ask for advice, if you need to walk on the work there in the yard!” Rex said.


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