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valentines flowers ideas 2012 – Home Style: Organize with style next year

In 2012 New Year’s resolutions, do not forget to include some that will help your home become the best style. Here are some ideas to inspire you.1. Organize with styleIf you have room in your home that is open to the public for viewing, make it appear more favorable. It is easy to do the hard work and the shelves are functional, using the storage containers and beautiful interesting details. A friend of mine has built-in library seems incredible in the kitchen to make charcoal grills in front of his old collection of cookbooks.

2. Need a place to store the grandmother money? Rather than bury it in a box in a drawer of a cabinet, including money in a wonderful display so you can enjoy every day.

3. Padding a chair or ottoman

Are you tired of the look of a chair or stool, but do not want to get rid of him because he is a piece of good quality? They have developed a family hand-me-down sofa or chair with great lines, but terrible? It seems it is time for stuffing! You can change the look of a room by simply changing the fabric and cushions.

4. Add Creative interesting

Crazy crazy high for large works of art, and covered almost every inch of wall space in my house alone with him. Any why not? The illustration is what gives a home personality. Look around the walls and choose a place where a work of art should encourage environment. This may be a new piece to add to his collection, saved a piece or something to move to another screen in your home. I can re-hang artwork in my house all the time.

5. Use flowers to make any day

It seems that we only use fresh flowers in our decoration on special occasions. Why not resolve this year to enjoy the beauty of flowers more often? They are inexpensive and do a lot to make a space.

6. Update your glassware

Havoc on the lives of glasses of the drink. Over the years, the glasses of water and rolls to break or get dirty and chipped. This year, an assessment of your glasses. You do not have enough wine glasses for a party? Glasses of water remains clear and beautiful? You can find incredible eye for a good value today, so do not continue using this glory vanished too.

7. Again a side table

Sometimes it is overwhelming to redesign the whole room. But everyone has the time to make a simple table. Find one side of the table in your home that could use a little magic and let your creative decorating juices.

8. Add a new lamp

The update can simply change the appearance of a lamp chamber. Look around your room. The lamps are not old? There are tables that are too small to qualify? Are you are giving the spot light correct? Otherwise, it’s time to be with old and new.And believe me, you will be fascinated by what is currently on the market.

9. Painting a room

You have a room that needs a new look? Turn in a comfortable cocoon color paint rich and dark. Or is the space of light and brightness by selecting a clean white or pastel.

10. Run a belt accent

Many of us have a lot of wood floors in our open houses. They are beautiful, but in winter, but also can be a little cold toes. If you open an article, perhaps in an upstairs hallway, entry or in the kitchen, add a great accent rugs cold winter months.

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